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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals under DREAMER program

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The President’s immigration policies announced Tuesday made it far more dangerous for people to be living illegally in the US. One group specifically exempted from the harsher new procedures are those who qualify for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or “Dreamers,” certain people who arrived in the US when they were less than 16 years old and are now under 35. 

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This bot could help up to one million people who’ve not yet applied for the DACA status.  As of five months ago, at the four-year mark for DACA, the Migration Policy Institute estimated that at least half of the 1.8 million people for DACA had not yet applied. As of August 2016, 728,000 had been approved out of the estimated 1.7 million eligible. Full MPI report is here.

While most of those who became eligible for renewal have done so, some NGOs and legal advisors began warning people – especially after the presidential election -- to not file their initial DACA case, for fear that ICE agents would know where to find them. The immigration news of 2/21/17 made it clear that the federal government is:

No better alternative for legal status is likely in this administration, so DACA candidates should seriously consider their options and act quickly

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Many are wondering: Will the DACA approved people later have their status revoked?  Will federal agents come hunt down those who apply? “If this were the intention of the Trump Administration, we believe DACA would not have been exempted from the new deportation procedures announced this week,” Julie Pearl. Some applicants don’t

Applicants who worry that the government will seek to find them may be encouraged to know that the application does not require them to give their own home as the current mailing address for the submission (though one section in the form asks separately about all residences since arrival in the US). One excerpt from DreamerBot on this point:

Which address to use? Make sure you give an address where your approval document (including the EAD) can be safely received.  The US Postal Service is not allowed to forward these documents to another address, per the instruction on the approval envelope. As there have been reports of EADs stolen in the mail, it’s best to have mail come to a location that is secure during mail delivery hours. If you may move in the next several months or are concerned about mail safety at your current regular address, you can make arrangements with a trusted family, company, church or other place of worship. Example:  "Your First/Last Name, C/O Memorial Church, In Care of Pastor Pat Brown, 123 Main Street, Hometown, USA 12345"

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