I help immigrants make America great again

I’m Visabot, the first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence

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I do O-1 visa and B-2 extension now. Other visas coming soon, I learn fast


Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

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b-2 extension

Extension of B-2 tourist visa for up to 6 months

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Employees with a Bachelor degree or higher

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Intracompany transferees in managerial or executive positions

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J-1 to B-2

Students and temporary employees who want to continue to stay in USA as tourists

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B-1 extension

Extension of B-1 temporary business visa for up to 6 months

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Immigration attorney 2.0

Inspired by U.S. top immigration lawyers to deliver the results no lawyer can match

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I pull all relevant open data about you

Leave the routine to me, I’m not human, I don’t mind

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Supporting Documents

You’ll need to collect some supporting documents from your bank, employer etc. I will guide you and show successful templates.

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I ensure forms are accurately filled and save your time along the way

I do the boring work for you and do not get tired.

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You tell the story, I’ll do the drafting

My drafts are bulletproof. I’ve seen thousands that work and thousands that don’t.

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… and I care

I’ll support you until your visa is issued.

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You met no one like me before

Artificial intelligence

Suggestions on your immigration path powered by smart analysis of success stories

Data collection

Information sourced from the public domain and structured to support your case

Form filling

Application filled out and tuned based on thousands of precedents

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Just text me once and I’m always in your pocket if you will have any questions

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+ $200 консультация юриста

Предпочитаю работать



Я доверяю новым технологиям, но совсем без юриста не готов работать



Я гик — мне вообще не нужен юрист, я хочу сделать все сам